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If It Makes You Healthy
Hardcover Cookbook by Sheryl Crow & Chuck White

NEW Condition Hardcover: 261 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Press,  First Edition April 2011
ISBN-13: 978-0-312-65895-3
Great recipes and wonderful pictures

Known as much for her youthful looks and natural chic as she is for her sunny and heartfelt songs, Sheryl has written a cookbook that is true to her style; rock star. activist. mother of two.

How does Sheryl Crow have time to keep so healthy and fit?  Sheryl knows how to eat right and deliciously thanks to personal chef Chuck White, affectionately known as "Chef Chuck."

The duo met while Sheryl was battling breast cancer, which for her, was a wake-up call to eat better.  Since then, Chuck has taught Sheryl how to do just that by cooking foods that are seasonal, locally grown, and vitamin-rich to keep her on top of her game and always ready to perform. This wholesome approach to every dish has been successfully integrated into all aspects of Sheryl's busy life - from dinner parties, to touring, to settling in at home near Nashville, TN with her two sons, Wyatt and Levi.

Now Sheryl and Chuck want to bring their nutritious, delicious creations from her kitchen into yours.  Rock-and-roll flavored throughout, "If It Makes You Healthy" will have a full menu of approximately 125 recipes grouped seasonally, which reflects Sheryl's busy schedule: Summer months offer tomatoes and corn, and summer also puts Sheryl on the road.  Fall and winter brings apples and winter squash, when Sheryl is at home and in the studio.

From the big entertaining menus that are prepared for her crew while touring (Mojito braised pork) to small home-cooked meals for Sheryl and her children (basil and apple marinated chicken) - all lushly photographed by Victoria Pearson - this book will be filled with easy and flavorful recipes anyone can make.

Along the way, Sheryl opens up about touring and home life with stories about her childhood, her early years as a backup singer, and her eventual stardom.

If It Makes You Healthy - Hardcover Cookbook by Sheryl Crow & Chuck White

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