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Powerex Corp. (PRX)
3 Silicon Power Rectifier-Diodes 1N3296R
1 Thyristor C387N-PRX and a VE2500-235 Methode SRC Clamp
Mounted in an aluminum frame

This assembly, mounted on aluminum brackets, was removed from a working MRI machine power cabinet to strip it of all its parts.  This piece consists of
3 Silicon Power Rectifier-Diodes from Powerex Corp.
These are PRX part number 1N3296R
each 100A High Power Rectifier-Diodes
(I think that the "R" in the part number means Reverse Polarity where the stud is the anode.)
and a
Powerex: Inverter Grade Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
also know as a Thyristor
part number C387N-PRX
TO-200AC, 800V, 500A, TQ=40
and a
VE2500-235 Methode SRC Clamp

A thyristor is a four-layer
semiconductor device, consisting of alternating P type and N type materials (PNPN).
A thyristor usually has three electrodes: an anode, a cathode, and a gate (control electrode).

The most common type of thyristor is the silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR). When the cathode is negatively charged relative to the anode, no current flows until a pulse is applied to the gate. Then the SCR begins to conduct, and continues to conduct until the voltage between the cathode and anode is reversed or reduced below a certain threshold value. Using this type of thyristor, large amounts of power can be switched or controlled using a small triggering current or voltage.

Thyristors are used in motor speed controls, light dimmers, pressure-control systems, and liquid-level regulators.

Parts appear in excellent condition as you can see in the photos but have not been personally tested.  Since I have no way to do this, they are being sold "as-is  all sales final.
I have represented this item honestly to the best of my ability....Andy

Aluminum brackets overall size: 5" x 6"
Weight 3 lbs.

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